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  • The Academy of Bartending offers a variety of classes that will teach you important skills that you will need to bartend.  From becoming a Mixologist to just honing your bartending skills at home – the Academy of Bartending has those classes that fits your needs.  All classes take place in a real bar-type setting using real liquor bottles with pretend liquor so you can make all the drinks that you learn about in class! So come by, check us out. Compare us to any other bartending course offered, and see for yourself how special we are!


Mixology -Become a Mixologist

This 40-hour class will provide you with classroom instruction and hands-on experience making drinks.  You will graduate as a Mixologist and will be T.I.P.S. (Training in Intervention ProcedureS) certified.  Your certification will be good anywhere in the United States.   

In this course, you will learn:

    • Well OVER 200 drink and shooter recipes.
    • The latest trends in party drinks and shooters.
    • Alcohol history and trivia
    • Knowledge and service of wine and beer 
    • Virginia ABC Laws, DUI information, alcohol awareness. 
    • Bartending trends for night clubs, restaurants, catered affairs, and private parties
    • Bar equipment, glasses, measurements, and basic bar setup
    • Extensive information of liquors:  Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, different Whiskeys, Cognac/Brandy and Liqueurs
    • Extensive knowledge of beer and wine.
    • Responsible service, sale and consumption of alcohol (get T.I.P.S certified)

New classes begin every Monday.  To accommodate your schedule, day and night classes are offered, and the class can be completed in one week (8 hours each day) or two weeks (4 hours each day)  Monday - Friday.  Please check our schedule or
                            call 757-595-2274 to confirm times.

One Week:                                                Two Weeks:

10am-6pm Monday-Friday                           10am-2pm Monday-Friday

2pm-10pm Monday-Friday                2pm-6pm Monday-Friday

                                                                        6pm-10pm Monday-Friday

The Mixology (40 hr) course total cost is $495.

All you need for class is a pen and a 3-ring binder.  Everything else will be provided for you.

Celebrate 2019 and 14 Years!

Let's Celebrate 2019 and our 14th Anniversary!


Mixology 101 (for the Home Bartender)

Are you looking to impress your friends and family with your drink-making skills?  Well, this is the class for you!  In this 4-hour class for the "home bartender." You will learn some of the tricks of the trade for some of the latest drinks!  

Please check our schedule or call  to confirm times. 

The Mixology 101 course cost is $55

Mixing it up with friends!
Similar to Mixology 101, but YOU pick your classmates and course content.  Organize a group of at least 4 friends for 3 hours of learning how to mix drinks of your choosing.  Want to learn more about making martinis?  Or are you more of a Scotch drinker?  This is your opportunity to mix it up and become an expert on your favorite type of drinks!

Minimum price $200 for a group of 4.
Please call today to organize your class

T.I.P.S on Premise Program
Any restaurant employee, bartender or owner/manager that needs to get T.I.P.S. certified can take our certification program.  The T.I.P.s. program is taught every Wednesday and Saturday.  We will also come to you and train your employees.  Please contact us to schedule.

T.I.P.S. on Premise Program cost is $35.

(It is included in our 40 hour Mixology course)

Please inquire about our advanced bartending courses.

Please download our Enrollment APPLICATION (pdf)

Call us (757-595-2274) or E-mail us to enroll. 

We accept Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Money order/Cashiers Check

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